A lil' about the couple

Marjo and Anthony are actually based in Northern California, but they decided to do their engagement shoot in Thousand Oaks because that's where Anthony is originally from. They drove down to visit Anthony's family during Easter Weekend and that's when we were able to do this photoshoot!

A lil' about the car

The mustang belongs to Anthony's family! Because it's such a special car, Marjo and Anthony definitely wanted it to be a part of their engagement shoot. It's a super cool car and it definitely added a fun part to their photoshoot!

A lil' about the location

Because the mustang is a rather old car, we needed a location close by. This location is in the same city as Anthony's family so it was perfect! Hill Canyon Park has many different trails and photo spots but I chose it because of its easily accessible parking lot with a nice clean background of some nice mountains in the back. After getting some shots with the car, we went into the grass (just as the sun was peeking out of the clouds!) and captured these adorable shots!