A lil' about the PLAN

This was on Emnet's birthday! Her friend Hanna asked her to dress up and took her out for a fancy lunch. Little did she know, during this time, Zerihun and Emnet's friends were helping set up at El Dorado Park. Hanna drove up to this spot in the park, and Emnet was so surprised. The couple was super joyful to be celebrating this special moment with their friends there with them too.

A lil' Laugh

Did you catch it? Everyone was so caught up in the moment that it took us a bit to realize - the ring was on the wrong finger! They quickly switched it over and we grabbed a few extra photos by the bridge.

Thank you Hanna for reaching out to me and thank you Emnet and Zerihun for letting me capture this special moment! This group of friends is so close and this overall was such a happy moment.