a lil' about the couple

Hope & Justin are dear friends to me. We met through Grace on Campus at UCLA, a college fellowship connected with Grace Community Church in Sun Valley. Hope is super sweet, caring, and always smiling, and Justin is goofy but intentional and caring. You can see how much they care for each other in the smallest of their interactions and throughout the photos.

I had just barely started engagement and wedding photography when they reached out to me - but they trusted me and were more than happy to book me. I had a ton of fun and I hope you do as well looking through the photos!

a lil' about the location

Hope chose this location! She chose Kenneth Hahn State Park because of the lake and many trees. The park has two lakes that are connected to each other: one small one (basically a pond) and one larger one with a LOT of ducks and many people fishing. When I first got to the location, I was concerned because of the number of people around the larger lake. However, there was almost no one near the smaller lake, and that's where we took most of the photos.

The park has a TON of parking, however there is a $7 entrance fee and it is cash only.

a lil' surprise

Kenneth Hahn Park is actually a GIANT park with many different parts. The lake was pretty for sure, but there's also a gem of a spot at the top of the hill. If you following the road all the way to the end and up a long hill, you arrive at a huge open grass field that looks absolutely gorgeous at golden hour.

Parking is really limited in this top lot, and it was difficult to find two spots (so I highly recommend only taking one car up if possible). But this spot was 100% worth it.

a lil' BONUS

I bring along a pop up changing tent to my photoshoots to allow couples to be able to easily change outfits in the middle of a photoshoot. It was quite a trek to get to the middle of the grass field, and I'm sure Hope and Justin were more than happy to be able to change in the tent right where we were as opposed to walking all the way back to the restrooms near the parking lot. I love the bright colors that Hope chose – they made the pictures pop so much!

Keep your eyes open for their wedding day blog!